Frequently Asked

Where is your storefront?

  • Currently, I work out of my home and do not have a storefront. There is pick up is only available at farmers' markets.


Where are you selling?

  • Currently, I am not part of any farmers' markets. Any upcoming events will be listed on the Market Dates tab.


Is everything vegan?

  • Yes, everything is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.


How do I place an order?


Why do orders have to be ordered 2 weeks in advance?

  • Unfortunately, the business is not my full-time job, and I hold multiple jobs and volunteer positions at this time. The 2 weeks allows me enough time to ensure I have all the ingredients and to plan out making the cakes so they are perfect.​


What kind of buttercream do you use?

  • I have created a vegan Swiss meringue buttercream, which is less sweet, smoother, and creamier than American buttercream (sugar & butter style)


What is a 'Stroopwafel' and how do you pronounce it?

  • Stroopwafel (stROOp waffle, heavy on the R, and roll the R if you can) is a Dutch tea cookie that is made on a special iron, split in half while still hot, and filled with a delicious cinnamony caramel. There are many different recipes for stroopwafels, from different regions. Northern regions are typically darker, with a treacle caramel. As travelling South tends to be lighter with a light caramel, more similar to a salted caramel. The family recipe I use is from Putten, central Netherlands, just west of Amsterdam.


How do you eat stroopwafels?

  • Typically served with tea, coffee, or any hot drinks. Rest the cookie on the top of the cup, allow the steam of the drink to warm up the caramel and make it all gooey and release that cinnamony smell.

(insert husband's comic here)


Why did you change the name to Dutch Girl?

  • KitchChick began 4 years ago when I decided to make cupcakes for Happy Harbor Comics' annual Free Comic Book Day (first Saturday in May, every year.) Luckily, Jay B (one of the awesome owners) agreed to let me. That was the beginning of the business, and I needed a name. I couldn't think of anything that was really... Me. At the time "get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich" was a common thing. I thought the reactions people were having to it were funny and overdramatic (just say no, then make your own sandwich and eat it in front of them.) So I was made the joke of "Hello, I am a woman, and I need to get back into the kitchen." Hence, KitchChick, was a joke. A somewhat sexist joke, but I figured I was allowed to make fun of myself.
        But it wasn't me. It didn't connect with me. It was confusing to spell, and it wasn't exactly memorable. 
    Last year I was talking to my dad (the Dutch Dad, or Contractor Dad on FB) about learning Dutch, asking why we were never taught as kids, and reminiscing. My dad said a phase that instantly transported me back to my Oma's garden, picking and eating peas, and carrots, right out of the earth. "Kleine Nederlands meisje" or little Dutch girl. It's what my Oma called me back when we lived on the side-by-side farm & acreage. Then it clicked. That's who I am. I have always been, even if it hides sometimes. I am the stubborn, stand-up-for-the-underdog, and do-what-I-want Dutch girl that I always have been. So, the name changed.




At Table Top Cafe 2.0

10235 124 St NW

Currently in no markets


(780) 995-0959

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